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With age, there often becomes a need to take different medications for various purposes. Typically, someone may walk into a store, grab the first pill organizer they see, and be on their way for the day. But it is time to make a change and consider that not every pill organizer is made the same, and not every pill organizer will work for everyone and their needs. The following is a guideline that you or your loved one can use to find the best pill organizer and what to consider.

Manual Dexterity Concerns:

  • Organizers that have small compartments can make life difficult when trying to fill or retrieve your medications. So be sure you can easily reach into each compartment with little to no difficulty. Otherwise, you won’t want to go through the hassle of filling it.
  • Caps and covers that need to be lined up with minor grooves are not necessarily the superb option you have, we’ve all had that one bottle that we struggle to open and close because if you don’t line up the cap quite right, the cap won’t close, and you work for a few minutes trying to get it correct.
  • Solution: Organizers with caps that have a pop-up or flip-up top. This makes it easy to fill the organizer, and it’s easy to open and close when need be.

Visibility Issues:

  • Aesthetically, it can be fun to get an organizer of a specific colour; it can make taking medication more enjoyable. However, colours can make it difficult to see your prescriptions and distinguish which ones are which.
  • Spacing is crucial when it comes to pill organizers; not only do you want enough space for your medications, but it can be helpful to have space to put labels on the organizer.
  • Solution: Braille can be suitable for those who are blind, but it can also be a tool that you can use to differentiate between which pills to take and at what time. A clear and see-through organizer is also essential, with space to put labels on. Pill organizers are supposed to be simple, and those are some of the best ways to keep it simple.

Timing is Everything:

  • Remembering when to take your pills can be a challenge, regardless of age. So, to rectify this issue, you may want to grab a pill organizer that covers an entire week at a time.
  • Some organizers now offer timers that can record how often a dosage is taken, give reminders for refills and medical appointments, and even dispense the medication at specific times.
  • Solution: A pill organizer that can be filled with a week’s worth of medications and can provide reminders or record additional information that can be helpful, depending on what you are comfortable with.

These guidelines can help you pick the best pill organizer that works for you or your loved one. This is one of the issues that need to be addressed for older people who need help. If you are struggling with this particular problem or any other issues that arise, we would be happy to help, so call us at (705)-725-1600, so we can start helping you today!