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Companionship and Community Services

Everyone’s life is enriched by relationships, but not everyone enjoys larger groups or feels comfortable “joining in”. Our companionship and community services are perfect for the person who prefers one to one time, and participating at their own leisure.

As professional companions, we are acutely aware that mobility, medical, personal care and memory issues can interfere with full use of the community.

We assist people to participate while addressing these barriers with discretion and compassion.

  • Visits in home, hospital, retirement or long term care facilities
  • Advocate for our client as needed
  • Arranging for and ensuring attendance at activities of interest
  • Engaging conversations
  • Assist with greeting cards and gift purchases
  • Arranging and transporting visits with friends and family
  • Transportation and fellowship at church, synagogue, and faith-based activities
  • Walks and physical fitness programs
  • Going out to lunch or shopping
  • Going for ice cream or coffee
  • Light gardening
  • Letter or card writing
  • Reading aloud
  • Cooking or baking
  • Pet care
  • Incontinence care

We often combine many different things into one visit, for example we might arrive and help our client dress and get ready for the day, tidy up the kitchen, make breakfast then go for a walk with our client then help them confirm a medical appointment and on our way out take out the garbage.

We offer a wide range of services from home care and personal support, to companionship and driver accompaniment for your loved ones who live on their own or in a care facility.

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