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Special Event Attendant Services

Special Event Attendant

We know everyone wants their loved one at special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, family reunions and birthday parties; we understand the difficulty associated with this as well especially if they need extra assistance.

We offer a special event attendant service where our fully trained caregiver will arrive dressed appropriately for your event. We can pick up our client and help them dress if needed then bring them to the event. We understand no one wants to leave “Grandma” alone but photos and other things need to be dealt with on important days.

Let us stay with that special someone and keep them company or help them to the washroom or get them a snack. We will be there to assist them with any needs they may have.

We can drive your “Nana or Papa” to the reception from the service and sit with them so we can take care of anything they may require.

Often after a big day of celebrating “Nonna and Nonno” are ready to go home much earlier than most guests, let us take them home and get them settled for the night.

This service creates peace of mind for the family knowing their special someone is happy and has someone to keep them company for the duration of the event.

You won’t need to worry about having a designated driver for them and you can enjoy your event and know your loved one is well cared for and home safely.