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Skin covers our entire body. It is our first line of defence from everything we encounter, from weather to bacteria, to cuts, burns and everything else that assaults our skin daily. Sadly, our skin loses elasticity, strength, and resistance as we age. But fear not! We can do so many things to help keep our skin as healthy as possible and make protecting us easier for our skin. So, in this skin care article, we will review some preventative measures you could take to make life easier for your skin.

  • Limit Your Time in the Sun – Although we can all enjoy a fun day in the sun with not a cloud in the sky, the sun can also be dangerous. Avoid being outside between 11 am and 4 pm can be a good idea, as those are when the sun and UV rays are strongest. However, if you want to go out during those times, it’d be a good idea to find and wear some strong SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen, at a minimum of 30, if not higher. Remember that getting sunburned causes your skin to work harder to repair itself, and that can make it weaker.
  • Bathing can Relieve Dry Skin – Baths can be a perfect way to alleviate any pain that your skin may be in. However, some tricks can make bathing even easier on your skin. For example, using warm but not hot water can be better for your skin. Plus, using a soft cloth/towel to dry off after you’re finished is softer on your skin, and to be gentler, it is best to pat yourself dry and not rub (as rubbing can cause further irritation or even possible flaking of your skin).
  • Fragrance-Free – Even though fragrances can smell lovely, fragrances are often irritating to the skin. They can cause redness, rashness, and general irritation, leading to itching and flaking skin. If you need a scent for your products, looking for more natural scents that may be less irritating (such as mango or coconut) is a good idea.
  • Wearing Gloves – When doing work around the home or in a garden, wearing gloves is an excellent idea. This provides a layer of protection over your skin, and it can be much better to allow for a glove to get damaged with splinters, thorns, chemicals, and sunlight than it is for your skin.
  • Watch Out for Air Dryness – Sometimes, the air in our homes can be dry from heating and air conditioning. If this is the case in your home, using a humidifier can reduce the dryness and prevent passive damage to your hands

These are just a few ways you can work on keeping your skin healthier and less dry for longer. However, our staff at Royalty Care have more ideas that can be tailored to suit your unique senior care needs, and we’ll be happy to tell you all about them; call us today at (705)-725-1600 to find out!