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Many people’s top concern is about their family and loved ones, and there is a chance that if you are reading this, you have some concerns about someone in your life needing care. In this blog, we want to provide you with some loose guidelines that may help to sway your idea of whether someone you love needs additional care in their life.

Sign #1: Cognitive Issues

As we all get older, a little forgetfulness here and there is normal; everyone has had the moment of driving to work and realising they forgot their wallet. However, there’s a clear difference between forgetting your wallet and forgetting what day or time it is. For example, if a loved one calls you at a time that would typically be deemed inappropriate (such as 2 am) and they believe it is not that time, or they think it to be 2 pm, that could be an indication. Other flags may include trouble getting around, struggles with making decisions or missing out on important dates and events (such as medical visits).

Sign #2: Inadequate Diet

Even if your loved one is eating at typical mealtimes, keeping an eye on their food is essential. The reason for this concern is their health; as we get older, sometimes our bodies have a more difficult time keeping up with us, so we can’t just eat take-out every day or skimp on our vegetables all the time. If your loved one is struggling with keeping their food intake healthy and regular, it may be a sign that they need additional care.

Sign #3: Injuries

It’s not out of the ordinary to have an injury. It’s typical. The usual bumps and bruises we get through our everyday lives are fine, but the concern arises when injuries become more frequent and the causes. If your loved one is suddenly taking tumbles down the stairs or slipping and falling more, that could be a sign. Also, keep an eye out for these injuries as sometimes your loved one may not wish to tell you about any difficulties they are having.

Sign #4: Indifference and Abandonment

Your loved one may struggle to maintain the lifestyle they should, they could be falling behind on daily maintenance or chores, they may no longer wish to participate in activities they once found enjoyable, and their outlook on life may shift. If they have become depressed or express a desire just to be left alone, this could be a sign that they require care.

Sign #5: Substance Abuse

If your loved one is engaging in excessive drinking or drug use that is leading them to make irrational decisions or putting themselves in dangerous situations, there is a chance that they may need care in their lives.

As a gentle reminder, these are guidelines. Before making any decisions, you should confer with a medical professional and consult with care services to determine how likely your loved one needs care and how it could be best provided to them.

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