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Although the season of snowflakes can be beautiful, some dangers accompany the winter weather. The cold and flu season can be vicious, while the slick sidewalks and driveways can cause falls and further injuries. Many solutions can offer some reprise to the harsh cold elements and keep your loved one safer. This article will list a few solutions so your loved one can appreciate the winter season without getting harmed.

Stay Warm Inside: Set the thermostat to 68° F to 70° F. That is the best temperature that keeps you warm but doesn’t overdry your skin or nasal passages. Now, if that isn’t warm enough for your elder, they can always bundle up with thicker socks, comfy slippers, and leggings, and even adding a scarf can warm up your loved one in no time!

Avoid Isolation and Depression: Winter weather can make social visits more difficult than usual and even become hazardous depending on the conditions of the roads and weather. This can cause your loved one’s mental health to become less healthy and happy, and this can be problematic. To stop the loneliness that can occur, it’s a good idea to create regular outings, phone calls, and visits for your loved one. Even posting on social media or messaging via social media can help your elder feel included. Staying connected makes your body’s natural mood lifters (dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins) activate, improving your whole mood.

Car Maintenance: Cars are the primary way that many people get around, but with the arrival of winter, it becomes even more critical than usual to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the weather it will face. When reviewing your car’s sturdiness for winter, a general checklist includes good wipers, tires with snow gripping tread, an ice scraper, and a safety kit. It is also vital that the gas tank and window washer fluid are kept as close to full as possible and that when traveling, your loved one has a fully charged phone (adding a phone charger within the car is an excellent way to make sure of this). Making sure your elder lets you know when they leave, where they’re going, and their estimated arrival time can bring peace of mind to everyone in the family.

Keeping Healthy and Hydrated: Due to a lack of natural sunlight during the winter months, it is a good idea to include foods in your loved one’s diet with vitamin-D fortified foods such as milk, seafood, and grains. It is also important to still incorporate fruits and vegetables into their daily intake; it’s an excellent way to get vitamins and nutrients that help with the body’s health and wellbeing. Plus, your loved one still needs to drink water, even if they don’t feel the need as much as in summer. Feel free to keep their liquid intake varied, though, with tea, apple cider, and cocoa, in limited amounts, and be mindful of the amount of extra sugar and calories.

These are a few key issues to watch with your loved one. For more advice on what to do to keep your senior safe during the winter months, call us today at (705)-725-1600.