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Maintaining good hydration is vital for all of us.  Proper hydration cleanses our system, reduces caloric intake, and helps improve all bodily functions, even at a cellular level.  Fluid intake for seniors at any time of year is important yet getting some to take more than little sips can be challenging.

For some – they know the more they drink means they are going to have to make more trips to the bathroom, for many this presents challenges and can be exhausting.

Others dislike the taste of water, milk, juices or other fluids, coffee and tea intake may be limited.

If you are needing to increase fluid intake for your loved one, remember that fluids can come from other sources, consider getting them to “eat” their fluids.  Some ideas for you to consider are:

  • Yogurt, cottage cheese
  • Fruits – like watermelon, cantaloupe, melons, grapes, oranges, apples, blackberries
  • Jello
  • Pudding
  • Popsicles
  • Freezies
  • Broth Soup – served in a mug
  • Vegetables – tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, celery
  • Ice cream sandwiches

Consider other frozen items as well – like ice chips.  Try freezing your grapes, the cold pop of flavour is great.  Freezing yogurt in a popsicle mold.  My grandchildren loved these – for them it was better than popsicle and better for them.

For the liquids, consider what you use to serve it in.  Seniors do not have the same hand strength and coordination that they did before.   Some glasses, mugs or cups are heavy, slippery, not easy to tip up, too big around for many to grip comfortable and they are reluctant to ‘two hand’ the glass.  With mugs or cups – look at the handle and how easy is it for gripping – how does your senior’s hand grip the handle? Consider a “nose cup” – a specially designed cup that makes tipping up easier.

Sometimes, you must be inventive to increase fluid intake for you or your loved one.