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A recent survey of people born 1945 to 1965 revealed that it is their expectation that they will have a more positive retirement and senior experience than their parents. One observation made among the many issues addressed was their belief that they will be able to stay in their own homes long into their senior years.

Senior providers and health care workers often use the term “aging in place”, which generally describes a persons ability to live in their own home safely, maintaining independence and comfort regardless of age, income or ability level.

Although the decision to age in place is a complex one, today the option to stay at home is more viable than many people realize. In every case, the safety of an individual is paramount. Housing needs and health needs are deeply interrelated and good plans should address both living and care arrangements.

There are many benefits for people who choose to stay at home; For those with compromised immune systems there is far reduced risk of illness, there is no perceived loss of privacy, and no need to part from their beloved pet. People who actively choose to remain in their homes generally report good mental and emotion health.

Royalty Care staff support the seniors strengths and assist them to make appropriate accommodations to address their weaknesses. We can help the person remain connected to their neighbours, family and faith community. Often purchased services can extend a persons years of independence, and the financial implications of part time support are far less than they expect.

Working in collaboration with existing community resources, we provide flexible and responsive senior care services that can change whenever a persons needs change. We can put together tea and refreshments for company, change the beds and do laundry. We can stay all night and make sure that the senior person gets to washroom and settles back to bed safely. We can remind and support the person to take their medications responsibly. We can collect the groceries, bring them home and put them away.

Royalty Care will become a valued member of the senior’s home care team, helping to identify areas of concern and develop interventions to prevent those from becoming barriers to healthful living.

We cant promise that everyone can stay Home forever, but we can help people to be Home for Good.