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You’ve heard it forever; exercise is vital, necessary, good for you, etc. But as you get older, traditional activities such as running and going to a gym become more complex and less critical. The essential part of your body that should be exercised is the part you can’t see but plays the most vital role, your brain. How do you take care of your brain and maintain its healthiness? Here’s a short list of activities that can keep you happy and healthy:

  • Reading- Reading can be a fun and engaging activity for your brain, reading practically anything, from newspapers to blogs, books and comics, magazines and more. Reading forces your brain to work, but you get a story and information out of it, so it hardly feels like work!
  • Learn a new Skill- There’s no time like the present! And what better time than the present is there to learn something new! It could be almost anything, learning a new language, how to cook a different meal that you’ve never made before, taking the time to learn a new instrument, or picking up a hobby like painting.
  • Games- Chess, Bridge, Board Games, and other activities can be a fun time for everyone involved (of any age) but also force you to use your brain to develop strategies and think ahead.
  • Socialize- Talking with others is the best way to keep your brain sharp, and you must socialise; humans are natural creatures of communication, and not doing so can be detrimental.
  • Brain Games- Although games were already mentioned, specific brain games can also be used. Memory games, such as matching cards, balls, and cups, or even word searches and sudokus, can be fun and functional.
  • Being active around the home- Small activities such as gardening or house chores (to a degree) can be good for you, physically and mentally, keeping you engaged.

These activities can be a way to have fun and pass the time. They’re also excellent ways to keep your brain healthy. Our goal here at Royalty Care is to provide ways to keep your loved one as healthy and as happy as possible, and these are some ideas in which they could accomplish that on their own or with the Caregivers they have in their home with them. There are other activities too that can be done if none of these piques the interest of your loved one, and we’re happy to tell you about them all and offer our services; call us at (705)-725-1600.