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It’s no surprise that as we get older, our dietary needs vary, as our bodies need different nutrients and sometimes different ways of getting those nutrients. This post is going to look at considerations you should make about your diet as you get older, and of course, before making any changes, consolidate with your doctor to ensure that any changes would be good for you or if there are unique changes you need to make (as we’re all unique individuals and our bodies are the same).

Changing Dietary Requirements:

Difficulty Chewing/Swallowing – As we get older, it can become more challenging to chew and swallow food, and there are a couple of ways to make it easier to handle. This can include incorporating softer foods and changing to liquids such as juice and soups, as those are easier to consume than thicker foods.

Keeping Vibrant Flavours – It’s easy to fall into habits and slowly start eating the same few meals weekly. It’s time to change it up! Keeping your meals healthy but vibrant and full of flavour and colour can make eating so much more exciting, and it becomes more fun to make those meals to eat. A variety of peppers, for example, is a great way to do this, they’re colourful, and although their tastes vary, it isn’t by much. Enough to appreciate the flavour but not so much that it’s off-putting. Another example is if you eat just regular oatmeal, try to add berries and fruits, or try a different flavour of oatmeal (such as peaches and cream or apple cinnamon).

Food Supplements – As we get older, our bodies can struggle to keep up with us and sometimes need further vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients. Food supplements can help ensure you get the nutrients that your body needs. But don’t forget that these are merely supplements and must be combined with healthy and nutrient-rich meals. Some supplements that you may want to look at incorporating into your diet could include:

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12

Food Safety – Although it is always important to ensure that your food is properly handled and prepared, it’s even more important as you age, as your immune system isn’t as strong. If you ingest bad bacteria, your body could have a tougher time fighting it. So, ensure that you’re washing your food and your hands when preparing your meals.

These are just a few ideas of the dietary changes and requirements that you may want to keep in mind. If you need further assistance in determining if any of these apply to yourself or a loved one, call Royalty Care today at (705)-725-1600, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process of determining your needs and how to get them met.