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The temperatures are here to prove it; summer is here! And it’s an excellent time for seniors to be active. Getting outside lets you socialise and get the daily Vitamin D needed to keep healthy. So, you step outside, take a few steps, and then have to consider; what you will do? If you’re drawing a blank on activities that you can do, don’t worry because we have a fun-filled list for you. But before doing any of the things on this list, be sure that you are hydrated, have lots of sunscreen to protect your skin, have a hat to provide some shade, and have ways of cooling yourself down (such as with water or a handheld fan or a cooling station nearby).

Have Fun With Water: Water provides many activities to keep you occupied during summer. From swimming to fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and much more! Plus, it can be great to bring along your friends and family; that way, everyone can enjoy the water.

Go For a Walk Around: Walks can be exciting! Trying out a new trail, visiting a different town, and walking around can be fantastic ways to exercise and see new sights. You could even go for a short stroll before going for a picnic. But make sure you bring a walker or wheelchair along just in case you get tired or need a short break.

Events: Summer is the prime time you can catch a professional game (or even a not-so-professional game that your grandchild plays). It’s also the best for events such as fairs, carnivals, festivals, and competitions. There’s so much to see and experience during the summer; many of it can happen just a few blocks away from your home!

Outings: You don’t always have to go to someplace new, or somewhere where there’s a lot of people. You can go out and visit your favourite spots and do it just because you want to. There are also more minor activities that can be done, such as visiting a zoo or going to a park.

Whatever you decide, it’s a great idea to make sure you get outside and socialise. It’s also a nice opportunity to spend time with someone, and maybe you can help them by ensuring they get outside too.

If you are worried about getting around for these activities, Royalty Care has staff and services that could give the solution. Our company provides Driving Services that can meet your needs, offer you or your loved one the chance to have a more enjoyable day and allows you or them to have activities to look forward to regularly.

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