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If you are an older adult who is still living at home, the thought of moving into a retirement community has more than likely crossed your mind. There may also be family members suggesting or recommending a move into a home or community where more senior programs and care services are available.

When making this kind of decision, be sure to keep yourself well-informed and discuss your thoughts with family members. While you wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining your own property, retirement communities can be costly and not have the amenities, like driving companionship for appointments and grocery shopping, that you require daily. There are plenty of home care options for seniors in the community who wish to live at home as long as possible.

My grandfather turned 89 this year and still lives in his own home. He still enjoys travelling a large portion of the year and is very active in his community, so the thought of living in a retirement community did not appeal to him. He has, however, reached a point in his life where he does need some assistance with activities of daily living (ADL). While my grandfather is quite capable of personal care and cooking for himself, he is unable to drive himself to appointments, community events and family occasions. Grocery shopping has also become difficult due to transportation, as well as limitations to what he can carry on his own.

My grandfather required driving services and someone to occasionally help around the house. With reliable private home care services geared for seniors in place, my grandfather still lives a very independent lifestyle while being able to travel worry-free over the winter. Having private home care services for my grandfather made his life easier, but also relieves our family’s stress and worries.

Private home care companies, like Royalty Care, can help you stay in your own home comfortably. With a variety of services available, like shower assistance, driving companionship and light housecleaning, Royalty Care can easily fill your specific needs.

If you or a loved one is approaching a time where a little bit of assistance is necessary to carry out everyday activities, Royalty Care wants you to know that there may be options that allow you to stay in your residence of choice just a little bit longer… with some help from the right support system!