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This is the season of holidays, and regardless of which holiday you celebrate, it’s a great time to socialize with friends and family and, go out and marvel at the world around you, appreciate it a little more than other times of the year. Here’s a fun list of activities to get you into the holiday spirit!

Putting Up Decorations – Every holiday has its decorations, and it can be nice to decorate your home (by yourself or others). It’s an excellent way to spend time during the holidays, and it can make you feel a little merrier. Plus, it could also make someone else’s day, seeing lights, wreaths, and other decorations adorning your home.

*Be careful when decorating so as not to trip or fall. Another great reason to decorate with others is that it reduces the chances of injuries.

Holiday Movies – A staple of the holidays, movies can be a great way to get cozy and spend time with your loved ones. It can range from classics to new releases, any movie you choose, and it can be made more fun with additional snacks, blankets, and comfortable clothes.

*If you want to make movie watching even more exciting, try incorporating bingo with the movies you watch. For example, if you watch a Hallmark movie, you could make a bingo card beforehand, with guesses of tropes that may appear, such as “Gingerbread Cookies”, “Quaint Little Town”, or “Wishes/Magic”. Or you could snag some online bingo cards for different movies/movie types.

Baking/Cooking – A great way to bond with your family or to relive nostalgia is through cooking/baking. Maybe you have a family recipe or want to try a new one. Either way, creating food is often fun, and the best part is being able to eat your creations. Here’s a festive recipe for Holiday Crinkle Cookies to try out if you’re struggling to get started:


Light Displays – An easy activity to do, and enjoy, is viewing light displays. Of course, waiting for weather nice enough to drive or go out in, but the displays of people’s lights or official light shows can be fascinating to watch and a great way to spend your time during the holidays.

Any of these activities would be a fun way to express your festive spirit, but most importantly, it’s about keeping yourself happy and making memories. Our workers and company wish everyone the best during the upcoming holidays. If you or a family member you know may struggle with these activities, our services here at Royalty Care can change that and help make the holidays easier. Call Royalty Care at (705)-725-1600, and we can consult with you about how to make the holidays a festive time for everyone!