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As a nursing student and caregiver, I have been asked many times why foot care is so important. We have a tendency to overlook how much the health of our feet affects our overall wellness. Maintaining proper foot care can prevent mobility issues, loss of independence, pain and lower risk of falls or other health issues.

For starters, our feet have a big impact on our physical capabilities. Standing, walking and running requires strong feet, ankles and legs. Having the right footwear to support our feet will greatly improve our gait / walking cycle – the series of complex steps that propel our movement. It is vital to ensure we have footwear that properly supports our feet so that we can improve our movement and not cause skin lesions and other foot conditions. Tony Young BSc, D Ch-Chiropodist in Orillia, ON states “Seniors with hip or knee issues, arthritic feet, bunions, claw or hammer toes will likely have skin lesions that can impede gait. Corns and calluses, balance issues and improper footwear can cause problematic gait”.

While it is a good idea to check your feet daily for any abnormalities, scheduling regular checkups and foot hygiene appointments are also important. Having a professional foot care provider examine your feet is easier than trying to do it yourself. They would be better able to see and identify any problems, and would be able to proceed with recommendations or treatment as needed. Going to a local nail salon is not the same as having your feet cared for by a foot care nurse or doctor, especially if you are on blood thinning medications or diabetic.

Individuals with diabetes or on blood thinning medication have to be very conscious of their feet and ensuring they are properly cared for. Proper foot care by a foot care professional are excellent preventative measures for diabetics. “Diabetics lack sensation to their feet, have numbness and tingling, can’t determine sharp or dull sensations, or even hot and cold temperatures.” (Tony Young BSc, D Ch-Chiropodist).

According to Professional Foot Care in Barrie, ON; “Ongoing foot care is extremely important for people with diabetes. Diabetes increases the risk of foot problems and also increases the likelihood of complications. It is important to have your feet regularly assessed and cared for to decrease the risk of serious foot problems”.

If you or a loved one is having trouble maintaining good foot hygiene or are concerned about a foot condition, give our recommended foot care professionals a call or visit their website today!

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