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For years many of us have been saving for “A Rainy Day”. What was your definition of ‘rainy day’? Loss of job, car needing fixed, family emergency, illness, surgery recovery or perhaps it was a special trip. Whatever your definition for “rainy day” is, needing additional assistance after retirement for day to day living should part of that.

As we age our ability to physically complete the same activities as we once did when younger presents more and more challenges. For many of us it is important to remain in the residents of our choice however our ability to do the chores required to remain in the residents of choice can present challenges. Perhaps your Rainy Day has arrived. Many of us have programed ourselves to only save, and not spend those funds – because you just never know when it is going to needed. Perhaps, staying in the residence of choice and getting help to assist with the chores required of day to day living is a great use of Rainy Day Funds.

Assistance required for you to remain in the residence of your choice may start with help cutting the grass or shoveling the snow – the outside work. However just as important is the inside work – the housecleaning, changing beds, and laundry. Many of us have less resistance to having help for the outside work or house cleaning chores.

As our ability changes, the activities of daily living, also known as ADL’s can become more challenging. Meal preparation involves a lot more than just standing in the kitchen and making food to eat. It’s the shopping list, getting out to purchase, lugging them home, putting away, then make meals, then clean up and take out the garbage! All the steps involved in making a “simple meal” can present many challenges for being able to stay in the residents of your choice. For some the areas of personal care are worrisome. Feeling safe when showering to the ability of getting dressed and ready for the day, can all be exhausting or cause anxiety. By contracting to have services to assist with the activities of daily living can go a long way to reducing anxiety and stress, allowing you to feel safe in your own environment.

When you contract for cutting the grass, more than just cutting the grass is included – edging, gardening, raking leaves can be all part of the services you sign up for. Its no different for contracting for assistance for your activities of daily living. You decided what services you need.

You saved for many years, that’s just what you did – saved for a Rainy Day. Its hard to shift away from that saving money – to spending those saved dollars – spending capital, on yourself. However, your own personal Rainy Day has arrived, perhaps it is even pouring. Then it is time to wisely put those hard-saved dollars to work, on something important – your ability to stay in the residents of your choice and continue to live your life to the best of your ability – with a little help from private care providers assisting with the activities of daily living.