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Navigating ones way through the labyrinth of health care is a daunting task. Never before have there been so many options available to seniors and people experiencing disabling conditions.  

At Royalty Care we advocate an approach that embraces the full range of community supports and benefits one is eligible for, and the development of a team that is flexible, professional and of your own choosing.

Build Key Partnerships

Because we are a local provider, Coordinated Senior services has well established relationships with Community Care Access Centre/(CCAC) and the North Simcoe/Muskoka Local Health support Network (LHIN).

We are the partner of choice at many Retirement communities, working in tandem with their staff to enhance and expand resident care.

Build in Your Preferences

We are Independently owned and Operated, which means that the range of services we can provide are not restricted by government criteria, but are as diverse as the many people we serve. We offer consistent scheduling with workers that you can develop a relationship with, people who know you and what works best for you.

Build your Own Plan

Life is not a nine to five, Monday to Friday proposition- but many care agencies are unable to commit to service at the time you need them, or on the days you want. The list of what they can’t do is often longer that the list of what they provide. At Royalty Care, we stand ready to help you build a plan that preserves your independence, keeps you connected to the people and activities that are meaningful to you, and assists you and your family to enjoy time together to the fullest.

The answer to the question, “Why Chose a Private Care Provider?” is a varied one, but people who have made that choice repeat that they are glad they did.

“Thanks to Kathy Chappell and her colleagues for providing such loving and fun care to Mom over the past several years.”

“Your help over the last couple of months made a difference in keeping our Mother engaged, entertained and well cared for.”

“Your care, concern, and support go way beyond the job description.”

“Thank you for your excellent service.”