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Some of us will reach a point in our lives where we require Palliative Care.  These two words are not always easy to bear, but they should not be feared. Palliative Care is, by definition, “a type of health care for patients and families facing life-limiting illness”. (Canadian Virtual Hospice, http://www.virtualhospice.ca).  Palliative care, or senior palliative care, helps patients achieve a better quality of life, focusing more on bringing comfort to the patient, right up until the end of life.  In other words, providing the patient and their family with the necessary support system to carry them through a difficult transition.

When my mom was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, we were fortunate enough to be blessed with a large family.  Someone was always available to help with her personal care, but it was also so helpful to have medical and non-medical professionals help with pain relief and every day at-home tasks, respectively.  Having the extra helping hands allowed her family members to spend more time just being with her. I am thankful to all who helped improve my mom’s quality of life, close to the end of her time with us.

Providing a strong support system to someone that requires palliative care or end-of-life care can absolutely make the difference in their perspective and in their quality of life.  The quotation that “there is strength in numbers” rings true in this type of situation. A patient is stronger because of their family… and that family can be kept strong with the help of a private health care firm.  No individual can be a constant source of strength on their own, but a larger group of loving family members and personal caregivers can be!

When facing a loved one’s critical illness, family members may find themselves overwhelmed with everyday tasks, constant traveling and sleepless nights.  At Royalty Care, we can help relieve your burdens with our vast variety of available services. We can help with everyday tasks, like cooking meals and housekeeping.  We can arrange transport to and from appointments and excursions. We also offer 24-hour care and companionship to those under Palliative Care or End-of-Life Care. Our friendly staff will tailor a package that suits your schedule and your loved one’s needs.  Whatever you and your loved one’s needs are, we’re here for you!