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Too often Seniors are overwhelmed by the prospect of attending large family gatherings. The thought of preparing, traveling, purchasing gifts; the uncertainty of the environment and its appropriateness, can all become barriers to attending and participating.

Family members who are primary care providers can be conflicted. How do they meet their responsibilities for Senior care and still enjoy the rest of the family to the fullest? Many respite services do not offer care away from the family home. Royalty Care is happy to work in what ever setting benefits the person we support.

Recently, I was privileged to support a woman to attend her Grandson’s wedding. Working in collaboration with the family, a plan was put together that addressed her needs and enabled her to participate on her own terms.

Dressed as any wedding guest, I was able to transport Grandma to the venue, see that she had company while awaiting the service, and make sure she was in place for family pictures.

While the rest of the family were busy with their guests, I made sure that she had her share of appetizers, a cool beverage, and assisted her to the washroom before dinner time. I was Grandmas dinner companion and enjoyed hearing her relate stories of family history and learning about the groom as a child.

I was ready to take her home whenever she was ready, and the family members expressed their relief to know that she was well looked after. Grandma had shared her concerns before we left her home. “There’s so much going on,” she said “and you don’t want to feel like a burden to anyone.” She told me it was wonderful knowing that if she was tired or needed anything, she knew someone was there “just for her.”

Another person we supported expressed her disappointment in not attending the milestone wedding anniversary of her niece. She was worried that the event would take too much out of her, and she had no family nearby that could drive her. Instead, I assisted her to find a meaningful card with a nice sentiment.

When we talked about the celebration, and she showed me the invitation, it became clear that she certainly could have participated with our support. Our comfortable vehicle has seats that recline, making a travel nap a real pleasure. It can accommodate a walker, wheelchair or both, to meet your mobility needs. Most hosts are happy to welcome guests just for a portion of the event, and our care providers blend into the event seamlessly.

If you are planning a family reunion, backyard Barbeque, Wedding ,Christening, or Buck and Doe, consider how much we can help your Senior family members participate on their terms and fully experience times of Joyful Connections .