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Alzheimer's and dementia care

We are all familiar with someone who has experienced some loss of memory, but true dementia is much more complex, a combination of changes in memory, judgement and speech, that affect a person’s ability to carry out daily activities,  affecting both receptive and expressive communications.

At Coordinated Seniors Services, we believe that the best supports for people experiencing the symptoms of dementia are built from a personal relationship and aim to maintain quality of life, functional independence, health and safety.

Family members and friends may notice behavioral changes in their loved one over time; reduced attention span, lack of interest in favoured activities, increased sensitivity to noise and crowds, restlessness, facial grimacing, and withdrawal from others.

The presence, combination and severity of symptoms varies from one individual to another, and the most effective supports are planned with the individual in mind. As a private care provider, we can offer the consistent staffing that is so beneficial to persons with dementia.

Consistent staffing is also vital in order to assess and care for a person’s physical symptoms, including pain. We monitor bowel patterns and incontinence, observe for changes in gait, breathing and grinding of teeth.

A key role for Elder care providers is management of troubling behaviours. While many benefit from medications to reduce distress, We provide a full range of gentle caring techniques, including adapting the environment with comforting soft music, and soothing scents. We are attentive to non verbal communication messages, direct eye contact, smiles, soft touch, pleasant tone of voice. We enhance verbal messages by using shorter sentences, adding visual cues and picture boards.

Another important aspect of elder care is encouraging engagement. We attempt to keep all of our supports strength based, and abilities focused, offering a range of activities, and remembering to celebrate the moments we have together.

We are committed to being a resource and support for the family, with options from short daily visits, to 24 hour extended care,  to provide much needed respite for family members

As the population of people experiencing dementia expands, we recognize that our world can accommodate the needs of its members.

People can expect elder care that values choice, dignity and respect, fostering a   landscape that enables people with dementia to engage in meaningful activities and to maintain a fulfilling life.