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The last year has forced many families to revisit their day-to-day plans and living arrangements as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  For some, intergenerational living is nothing new, while others have recently transitioned into intergenerational households.  These living arrangements present new and different challenges, especially if anyone providing care is also now trying to work from home for any amount of time.

Aging seniors can require quite different and specialized care than children in the same household, especially if the senior has failing memory, dementia, Alzheimer or mobility challenges.

Your senior members may be disrupting the household during the night because of wandering, interfering with those working from home during the day to accomplish the work required by their employer.  Royalty Care is here to help.

We can provide overnight supervision for your senior family member so the rest of the members of the household can get a less disturbed sleep.   During the day, we can provide support to the senior so that those working from home, or students doing their schoolwork can have some planned, un-disturbed and concentrated work time.

Give us a call. Let us help you have the best experience possible in your intergenerational household, allowing all members to accomplish their responsibilities for work or school.